Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 2

Not a good chatting day, I did not have much time for that activity today, but still….

I talked to Antonio again (Dominican living in CT,25). He had excuses for not letting me see his picture even though I insisted, he also wanted to see me again –and he did-. Chatting in Spanish can be painful especially when I’m busy and that the person is using slang. I still don’t get him he’s weird.

Met a new Indian (Pavan,24) from Andrha Pradesh (again), but he works in Saudi Arabia, he has brown hair and no mustache. He said he is 24 but he looks like he’s 19! He even smiles like a teen-ager –yes I saw him live on webcam-. We talked about programming –somebody said serious chat?-. He also wanted my mobile phone number so he could add it to his phone. I’m wondering, is he actually going to try to call me?

Didn’t have a chance to put my hands on my “unseizable” Venezuelan friend (Pablo,25), he kept going online and offline –You just wait until I get my hands on you!- .

Met an Italian (Fabio,37), the talked started nicely until finally he reveals himself as an XXX guy -that’s how Sunny would call him!-. Definitely not for me but he still managed to remain polite.

I met someone who told me he was Indian but strangely he did not ask for my name, therefore I started having doubts. So I told him, ”How come you haven’t asked for my name”. His reaction was surprising, “so sorry I forgot to ask you”. Well I had no doubt about him being Indian after that reply. About that habit of Indians to ask you for your name, Ravi (Indian in Hyderabad) stopped talking to me once because I didn’t want to tell him my name. I was using another Id to see whether he was really busy or just not in the mood to talk to me that day –I know I’m so bad- and well I did catch his attention. Things started well, I know his interests so I know what to tell him to keep him talking but I felt I couldn’t lie to him, he is honest and well so nice! I did not want to tell him my name and spent much time telling him it was not yet important etc… Nothing to it, he insisted and finally gave up. I never used that Id with him again; I know he has had enough of this other me.

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