Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 4

I’m meeting many Latino Americans those days. The only problem is that most of them don’t speak English and my Spanish is just so poor. I said the weirdest thing to one of them; I said “eres mi”. I didn’t even realize what I said until he asked me, puzzled: “I am you?”, that was funny! I guess I was really distracted! Well it just sounded nicely I didn’t really think about it.

My knowledge of India has made many Indians think that I am Indian myself. Funny, cause I only have extremely limited geographical knowledge of that country. But since I keep on meeting people who live in the same areas I can gather much info on a single city or state and use it later on to impress the new Indians I meet. Strangely enough I have never come across an Indian woman, only Indian guys. Indians are usually nice and they seem to be a bit naïve. They go ahead and give you all their personal infos without you even asking. I guess they just trust people and think they say nothing to be ashamed of during the chats.

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