Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Dharmvir is a 25-year-old Indian living in Punjab, he is an IT professional and also a teacher. He sent me a PM while we were in the "Hot Tub" -the yahoo chat room...-.

He wanted to know my name and thought I was married (!).
He was maybe the third person to ask me for my phone number that day, I wonder why they all wanted to call me? The second day we chatted he was slowly but surely falling in love with me (?), I guessed that the fact that I told him I had no boyfriend kind of encouraged him. And also I must say that I did accept to meet him on the next day in the morning, I guess he considered it a date -did someone say cyber dating?-. Every since that day he is in love with me and is waiting for me to tell him those three words -can you guess which? -.

He gives me a call on my phone in the morning so I can know that he is online, since I always log in invisible mode he does not know whether I'm there or not. Just in case you were wondering -and didn't guess-, I don't share his feelings and I have told him that clearly, but we still chat almost every day, he is nice when he does not spend his time buzzing me. Oh I want to add that I have seen him on webcam and he looks... Well why don't you ask him to let you see him on cam one of those days. Did I ever mention that I don't like when people are continuously buzzing me.

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