Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Me? An Indian?

My chatting experience as I am living it now only started last year. During these months, I have met many Indians in Yahoo chat rooms. At first there were just random meetings in various rooms. As I learned more about India and started to appreciate some of my new Indian friends I started going into Indian chat rooms to meet more Indians. But as I think of it in retrospect, my best Indian friends -the ones I chat with most often- are not the ones I met in Indian rooms except maybe for Dhruv.
Lately many of the new Indians I meet think that I'm from India because I know a little about Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra or Kanakarta or Tamil Nadu. I guess a little geographical knowledge can take you a long way. And thanks to Dhruv (again) I know what an NRI is. I suppose I could masquerade as an Indian if I wanted but what for? There are already so many real Indians out there! I have also noticed that most Indians I chat with have no idea where Haiti is -that's what you get for living in a small country-

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