Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Young chatters

I don't know what's happening to me lately maybe I've started to soften a little... I usually avoid chatting with teen age boys because they usually want to talk about one single thing -I'm sure you can guess what that is-. Well, lately, especially in my chat rooms I have been meeting and befriending an increasing number of young chatters, 21,20,16,15,14 even 13. The youngest ones got me worried, you imagine those kids in the chat rooms meeting all those wild adults... And of course those children can be really naive.

I used to think that I got along well only with people about my age (24,25), with younger ones? no, with older ones? not really. But I do meet very interesting and nice people in their early 20s, girls and boys(mostly) even a few teen-agers have caught my attention. I met an American teen-ager who lives in Iraq(!), a teen age Filipina not knowing what a profile is and wondering how I guessed where she was from, a young American girl who came into my room to see what the grown ups were up to in chat rooms. To me it seems that a kid in a chat room is like a lamb in a jungle.

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