Friday, May 20, 2005

Misadventure in chat land

If what I experienced last week what they call being booted well, it's nightmare and I hope you never experience it.

So I open a chat room, a friendly, nice a cozy room where I wanted everyone to feel welcomed.
It was going on really great, people were coming in, many girls and boys too. They were talking, laughing, showing (!?), some were trying to fight boredom while others just wanted to meet girls, things were just great and I was thinking that my room was great... Until, suddenly, it happened. I saw everyone logging off one after the other and then finally I was signed out of the chat room (!). I was unable to go in any other chat room, so I signed out and signed back again on yahoo messenger, and I hurried to open my room again. It seemed to be ok, so I start to send welcome messages for future visitors and it happened again I was kicked out of my own room!!!! I can't go into any other room, and when I create my own I don't last a minute. Dhruv told me I must be on "autoboot" or something and that I should use Yahlite to solve the problem. Well, I'm mad, confused and frustrated.

I don't know if this thing will stop by itself or whether I'll have to do I don't know what to solve it. HELP please!!!

Update: I've not found yahlite but I have installed and use yahelite.

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