Thursday, May 19, 2005


I met Dozy before I deleted my old archive. -I had gone through a phase where I wanted to get rid of my old conversations so I did just that and I had disabled the archive for a while.-. Nevertheless, I remembered Dozy, an electronic engineering student. Though I forgot the ID he was using when we met as well as his age and is precise location, I only know that he is in India, probably in a Northern region.

I saw him on web cam during our first conversation, I noticed that he was a Sikh, he went on to give me links to profiles with his picture with a friend and also his very own web pages where he tells about his family and himself. That's when I discovered that he had lied about his age, it turned out that neither the age on the web page nor the one he told me were correct, he was trying to impress me with and older age while officially his parents had declared a younger age for him for reasons still unclear to me. He gave me his email, told me he did not come online often and wanted me to write him -about what? you wonder, me too-.

Our conversations became interesting when he saw my picture and told me that every Indian girl had more hair than I did and he added, "... In fact I have more hair than you..." since then, Dozy started calling me black beauty when he greets me. Recently, I asked him whether he could show me his hair since he was at home and all alone in the room, he went: "oh, my ....", he was outraged, he was not expecting such a request, well I just wanted to see how long it was. He always tells me that he is not going to remove his turban right now and that he'll do it later because he is too busy to do it right now etc, and of course when that later finally comes he is not online anymore. I like it when people I chat with remember details from our past conversations, it makes me feel that it was worth at least the time and energy I spent typing. The last time I told Dozy I wanted to ask him something his response was: "...not about hairs...", well I don't persecute him with that request, I just think that I will see it eventually one of those days.

Nowadays, every time we chat he calls me black beauty and gives me a virtual flower, dozy is not only nice and polite, he is also boyish and sweet and seems to always be in a good mood.

When I asked him permission to write about him in my blog he said yes right away without any conditions -is that cool or what!-.

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