Saturday, June 18, 2005

Indian girl and husband shopping

I've spoken with an 18 year old Indian girl. She is not the first Indian girl I have ever chatted with but she is the first one to add me to her contact list. She was having problems with her computer, she asked for my help, I gave her advice but she wanted to know whether I had anyone nearby I could ask to come to help her. I guess she felt I wasn't competent enough, she did not seem to even want to follow my advices. Indian guys usually take me more seriously than that!

I had a marriage proposal(?) from an Egyptian guy. We had never talked before but still, I told him it was not possible because I can't marry a muslim. He asked for my religion, I told him I'm christian then he let me know there was no problem because he can marry a christian woman. I told him I wanted my children to be christian, then he said no, the children had to be like their father. I refused so he told me "it's over", then he was gone. I suppose he was really searching for a spouse!!??
Hopefully, I'm not husband shopping on the net, otherwise I might had already gotten married to a 20 year old Indian sikh living in Uttar Pradesh who also wanted to marry me; that was one day after he had told me about this european girl he was going to marry someday, he even had her picture on his profile at the time!

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