Monday, June 27, 2005

What's wrong with Yahoo Messenger?

I have not downloaded the Beta of the new version of Yahoo Messenger but lately, my Y! messenger 6 has been acting really weirdly. First of all, I don't get any offline messages. Now, that's very unfortunate since I usually get many of those because I don't stay constantly online. It's frustrating! I keep thinking about all those messages that I just missed, people telling me what they've been up to and why I don't see them online anymore or others answering my offline messages, I guess I'll just have to settle for email the next time I want to have a differed conversation with a person.

In that same week, at some point I was unable to see the emoticones when I clicked on the emoticone icon in the messenger window, many times when I went into the chat I could not view any list of rooms whatever category I chose, I had to click repetitively on a contact's name on my list before I finally saw the IM window. Some of these problems might have something to do with the fact that my CPU and memory were overloaded with this resource-hungry application I was using this week but definitely not all of them -like the offline messages that I don't get-.

I was thinking that maybe in a near future Yahoo will start doing like microsoft and not allow everyone to go freely in chat rooms, though the rooms are plagued by bots and booters, the conversations can be enjoyable and useful -sometimes-. One more thing that's annoying is when Yahoo keeps you inside a room while you've either left the chat completely or had already joined another room or even signed out of the messenger. They keep you persistently in a room for I don't know how long. More then once I "was" in two different rooms at the same time and I was getting PMs from people in both rooms.

An Update
Shortly after writing this I went on the messenger and I found offline messages, a few from people who probably saw me in some room where Yahoo has kept me for the whole weekend -I've been offline since saturday- and others from friends hoping I was just being invisible and not really offline.

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