Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hairs, America and memory power

I was able to get a clearer look at Dozy's hairs. -I know what your thinking, 'not those hairs again...'-. Well, they still had a few strings hanging out but they looked better this time, knotted on top of Dozy's head. Whether Dozy has his cam on or not, his usual good mood is very contagious.

I like talking to people from America, by America I mean the whole continent north, south and central, they at least know where my country is. I met a Canadian who also knew the name of our former president, and also the fact that Wyclef Jean was from Haiti. I tried to impress him myself by telling him I knew about Terry Fox, it seemed to have worked... until I told him I first read about this famous Canadian from a children's book -what's wrong with that?-. I did do some Internet research on Terry Fox after reading about him...

I've been told more than once by my Indian net-friends mostly that I have good memory and each time it was for a detail that I actually remembered and not one that I had retrieved form my archives. I remembered where Sunny was on New Year's Eve, I remembered Ravi's hometown, these don't seem like the hardest things to remember.

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