Thursday, June 09, 2005


Ravi is one of those people I have been chatting with since last year -I don't remember when we started exactly-. He is about one year older than I and we both work as programmers. He did not see the point in me writing about him here -really?-, but he had no objections -that's Ravi alright-.

Until recently, every time I saw a picture of him, it was like seeing a different person, in one he looked very young and shaved, in another he would look big, old, with a huge mustache and in another one he would look slim with a tiny mustache, and in another one he would have yet a totally different appearance. The problem is he was not showing me these pictures in chronological order.

I have told my name to Ravi, but he still calls me "freed", that's how he's been calling since the first time we chatted. Why he calls me that? Because it's short for "freedhook", the ID I was using when I first chatted with him -I know I have too many IDs-. He is one of those people who probably thought I was a guy at first, it seems that even though I told him I'm a woman, he did not pay too much attention to that detail at the time.

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