Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dhruv - or - What a blog post can do

Ahww! I'm finally writing about someone who writes more than I do when we chat -at least that's what my offline archive reader says-. I have introduced you to "Dhruv" (21,India) in "Misadventure in chat land".

Well, it started out on an ordinary chatting evening, I was searching for chatters who have web sites -yeah I'll just let you wonder why-. I suppose he sent me a PM first -probably-. It was a rocky start, I was only interested in people with web sites and he wasn't one of them, I was on my way to move on.
But he did say something to me that made me think I should add him to my list so I can talk to him on another day -I really had to leave-. Talking about how busy girls are in Indian rooms he said: "the girl boy ratio is 2:8". And I thought "oh this guy sounds interesting", I mean do you imagine the average chatter saying something like that -I don't- I sensed the potential, there could be 'interesting' chatting sessions between us in the near future.
I insisted I could not stay but I guess he thought I just did not want to talk to him -the ignore feature is very efficient for that-. I stayed longer than I should have (30 extra minutes), we had a misunderstanding, he thought I was a "punjbai charm" :)),- we still get a few of those (misunderstandings) once in a while-. He has a 'unique' English, usually well chosen words but odd syntax (grammar), I don't always decode his messages successfully, you can tell that I'm not into all those chat codes.

Now, things got really 'interesting' when we 'saw' each other. He was so surpriiiiiiiiiiiised to see that I was black and I thought the young man in his picture was Caucasian (i.e. white). He was like "show me your real picture" and I was like "you're kidding me, this is not you". He turned his cam on and I had to accept the fact that it was him, the picture looked like a still from his web cam I still thought he looked white and with his trendy glasses he looked more like an American high-schooler than a 21-year-old Indian. He thought I was from Punjab so he could not believe I was black -I agree, that would be quite unusual- . As he put it "[his] dreams where shattered". Yep, shattering someone's dreams is also something you can do on a first chat :D. –

Dhruv is very talkative and he is very interested in internet related topics, he's always downloading something, he has used booters (!) and still uses YIM add-ons to do things like see who's using the stealth settings to appear invisible to him -at least that's what he told me!...- He can get really 'enthusiastic' when talking about computer related topics.

It seemed, thought, that after that first day, our chats became more 'polite', Dhruv would say 'formal'. But one event was about to change that, first I got 'booted' -at least I think I did- I told him about it and he told me about Yahlite, then I wrote about it and the next thing I know people where coming to my site from Yahoo Search and Google. The story goes on but it all started with what he told me. I just had to tell him what happened, and have him read the post where I mentioned him. Not only did he read it but he also seemed to have dug deeper than anyone else has ever dug all the way into my archives. I'm not sure how to describe what happened afterwards, it was just great, we had so much fun when he came back from this reading session, he's even thinking about starting his own blog -a few days ago he had no clue what a blog was :))-.

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